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Candidate Pledge to Human Rights



The elected officials and candidates below have affirmed the Candidate Pledge to Human Rights. This pledge gives candidates the opportunity to affirm their support for human rights, justice, and equality here in our community. Please note that participation is in no way a pledge to our organization or a formal endorsement by the HWHRC. It is a pledge to the people.

I commit to the citizens of Hamilton and Wenham that I will:

  • Stand up for the fundamental values of human rights, including human dignity, freedom, democracy, and equality.

  • Promote equity so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential, with no one being left behind.

  • Foster strong engagement and dialogue with all local residents, to ensure that all voices are heard and considered.

  • Call for more transparent and accountable governance, so that institutions can renew trust with those whom they serve.

  • Promote an inclusive society and local economy for all by ensuring that every person, irrespective of gender, gender identity, age, race, differing ability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, national origin, economic class, incarceration record, or family status, has equitable access to educational and economic opportunities, housing, and social services.

Massachusetts Officials & Candidates
Jamie Belsito

Wenham Officials & Candidates
Karen Anger
Dianne Bucco
John Bucco
Jeffrey Calder
Martha Carr
Peter Clay
Lisa Craig
James Goudie
Catherine Harrison
Trudy Reid

Hamilton Officials & Candidates
Darcyll Dale
Shawn Farrell
Rosemary Kennedy
Jamie Knudsen
William Olson
Brian Shaw

HWRSD Officials & Candidates
Julia Campbell
Jennifer Carr
Lauren Lambert
Anna Siedzik

HW Library Trustee Officials & Candidates
Grace Meo

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